Top Vegan Food High in Vitamin D

About Vegan Food and Vitamin D

Most vegan foods are fairly low in Vitamin D, but some contain more than others.

Some of the highest Vitamin D vegan food include maitake mushroom, chanterelle mushroom, morel mushroom, beech mushroom, rice milk, coconut milk, almond milk, oat milk, oyster mushroom and shiitake mushroom. Other Vitamin D rich vegan food are portabella mushroom, white mushroom, enoki mushroom and crimini mushroom.

We calculated the top vegan foods for Vitamin D by both their common measurement as well as in 200 calories, including by gender daily requirements. Here are the details for top 14 vegan foods highest in Vitamin D.

Food nutritional data is sourced from USDA and NIH. [3][4]

Adult DV (Female or Male)

Maitake Mushroom (raw)

image of maitake mushroom

In 1 cup, maitake mushroom has 786iu of vitamin d, or about 160% for adults.
Vitamin D
786iu in
1 cup (70g)
7245iu in
200 Calories (645g)
Complete nutrition for Maitake Mushroom

Chanterelle Mushroom (raw)

image of chanterelle mushroom

1 cup of chanterelle mushroom contains 114iu of vitamin d, or about 23% for adults.
Vitamin D
114iu in
1 cup (54g)
1325iu in
200 Calories (625g)
Complete nutrition for Chanterelle Mushroom

Morel Mushroom (raw)

image of morel mushroom

In 1 cup, morel mushroom has 136iu of vitamin d, or about 27% for adults.
Vitamin D
136iu in
1 cup (66g)
1329iu in
200 Calories (645g)
Complete nutrition for Morel Mushroom

Beech Mushroom (raw)

image of beech mushroom

1 cup of beech mushroom contains 88iu of vitamin d, or about 18% for adults.
Vitamin D
88iu in
1 cup (68g)
743iu in
200 Calories (571g)
Complete nutrition for Beech Mushroom

Rice Milk

image of rice milk

In 1 cup, rice milk has 101iu of vitamin d, or about 20% for adults.
Vitamin D
101iu in
1 cup (240g)
179iu in
200 Calories (426g)
Complete nutrition for Rice Milk

Coconut Milk (fortified)

image of coconut milk

1 cup of coconut milk contains 101iu of vitamin d, or about 20% for adults.
Vitamin D
101iu in
1 cup (240g)
271iu in
200 Calories (645g)
Complete nutrition for Coconut Milk

Almond Milk

image of almond milk

In 1 cup, almond milk has 107iu of vitamin d, or about 21% for adults.
Vitamin D
107iu in
1 cup (262g)
547iu in
200 Calories (1333g)
Complete nutrition for Almond Milk

Oat Milk

image of oat milk

1 cup of oat milk contains 79iu of vitamin d, or about 16% for adults.
Vitamin D
79iu in
1 cup (240g)
174iu in
200 Calories (526g)
Complete nutrition for Oat Milk

Oyster Mushroom (raw)

image of oyster mushroom

In 1 cup, oyster mushroom has 25iu of vitamin d, or about 5% for adults.
Vitamin D
25iu in
1 cup (86g)
176iu in
200 Calories (606g)
Complete nutrition for Oyster Mushroom

Shiitake Mushroom (raw)

image of shiitake mushroom

1 piece of shiitake mushroom contains 3.4iu of vitamin d, or about 1% for adults.
Vitamin D
3.4iu in
1 piece (19g)
106iu in
200 Calories (588g)
Complete nutrition for Shiitake Mushroom

Portabella Mushroom (raw)

image of portabella mushroom

In 1 cup, portabella mushroom has 8.6iu of vitamin d, or about 2% for adults.
Vitamin D
8.6iu in
1 cup (86g)
91iu in
200 Calories (909g)
Complete nutrition for Portabella Mushroom

White Mushroom (raw)

image of white mushroom

1 cup of white mushroom contains 4.9iu of vitamin d, or about 1% for adults.
Vitamin D
4.9iu in
1 cup (70g)
64iu in
200 Calories (909g)
Complete nutrition for White Mushroom

Enoki Mushroom (raw)

image of enoki mushroom

In 1 teaspoon, enoki mushroom has 0.07iu of vitamin d, or about 0% for adults.
Vitamin D
0.07iu in
1 teaspoon (1.35g)
27iu in
200 Calories (541g)
Complete nutrition for Enoki Mushroom

Crimini Mushroom (raw)

image of crimini mushroom

1 cup of crimini mushroom contains 2.6iu of vitamin d, or about 1% for adults.
Vitamin D
2.6iu in
1 cup (87g)
27iu in
200 Calories (909g)
Complete nutrition for Crimini Mushroom

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